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This is the sub-region where you will be registered. Each sub-region outside Greater London is looked after by an independent organisation under contract to STEMNET. The contract holder for each sub-region is shown in brackets next to the sub-region name.

You can only register in one sub-region, but will be able to access STEM Ambassador requests across the UK online, and can also be placed on more than one mailing list if you wish. Your contract holder will be able to provide further information when you register.

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Are you joining as part of another STEM role-model scheme e.g. BT IT Ambassadors?

Please note, if you state that you are joining as part of one of the STEM role model schemes listed, then we will assume that you agree to STEMNET sharing your contact details with the authorised lead coordinator for this scheme.

The list includes only role model schemes with which STEMNET has a formal agreement. This list will be updated as appropriate.

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From time to time, we are asked by Professional Institutions to provide them with names, contact details and details of volunteering for STEM Ambassadors who are members of their Institution. If you are content for your details to be passed to the Institution(s) of which you are a member please tick this box

From time to time, we are asked by employing organisations to provide them with names, contact details and details of volunteering for STEM Ambassadors who work for them. If you are content for your details to be passed to your employer, if requested by them, please tick this box

From time to time, we are asked by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Department which funds the STEM Ambassadors Programme, to provide them with the names of STEM Ambassadors who may wish to be invited to attend certain events. If you are content for your details to be made available for this purpose please tick this box

The Disclosure and Barring Service Update Service allows STEMNET (with your permission) to check online for any changes to your DBS Certificate since it was issued (after 17 June 2013). This means that you may not need to apply for another DBS check again, and that we can check your certificate with DBS as required to ensure the information recorded is current. The Update Service status check result will only show whether or not there has been a change and not the details of any change to your Certificate since it was issued. You will receive notification from DBS when your Update Service record has been checked and you can see a full list of the organisations that have carried out a Status check from your online Update Service account. Please tick this box to confirm that you understand and agree to STEMNET carrying out ongoing status checks via the Update Service. You can withdraw your consent at any time by unticking this box. More information is available from the DBS website .

Would you like to let others see what you do as a STEM Ambassador?

Opt in to have a profile on STEMNET's STEMNetworking area and you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Be visible to other STEM Ambassadors and teachers (no contact details will be displayed)
  • Share information on Ambassador activities in which you've participated
  • View and respond to teacher's requests for Ambassadors* as they happen
  • Contribute to the STEMNetworking resources area which will have a wide rangeof tips and ideas for possible Ambassador activities

*Please note, all responses will be routed through the appropriate STEM Ambassadors Contract Holder. Teachers will not be able to contact you directly unless you have been putin direct contact by the appropriate STEM AmbassadorsContract Holder

I have read the Data Protection notes
I agree to attend a STEM Ambassador Induction (or to get my prior experience accredited in lieu of induction)
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